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I´m Oshiruko (Claire), an aspiring 18- years- old artist from Germany. Drawing and writing are my hobbies.

I´ll blog about art and resources here only, so if you have any personal questions, please go to my personal blog (acnepast.tumblr.com).
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Reviewing rampage!

When you find a fanfic so hilariously bad with an author constantly advertising themselves and their creativity (when all they do is zero research and pair their Sue w Canon characters) and you can´t stop reviewing bc author´s blatant bullshittery is too fucking strong.


Help me get out, can´t stop.

I´ve been reviewing for TWO HOURS and it´s TEN pages in word and I´m only through w one third of the badfic.

Hot damn, I´m putting more effort into my review than the author put into her fanfic. I think I need help.